200+ Funny Pregnancy Wishes, Messages and Quotes

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Funny Pregnancy Wishes: Giving birth to a child is a heaven sent blessing, but the pregnancy period can be equally hard on the mothers. With all the mood swings, body changes, and new diet plans, an expectant mother goes through a lot during the 9 months of pregnancy.

While it’s necessary to support her journey with warm pregnancy wishes, sometimes a funny pregnancy message full of sarcasm can make her day too! Funny pregnancy wishes are unique and a great way to cheer the mother up in an instant!

Here’s a compilation of funny pregnancy wishes below!

Funny Pregnancy Wishes

May your mood swings be in your husband’s favor! Best wishes for your safe delivery!

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Now you can think faster with two heads!

Here’s to not fitting in your dresses for the next 9 months! Have a safe pregnancy ahead!

Congrats! Here’s to your baby giving your internal organs a good workout!

Wishing you a hassle-free pregnancy, and may your baby inherit your good looks, not your husband’s love for dad jokes!

Welcome to the world of weird cravings! Who knew pickles and ice cream could be a thing?

Get ready for a new phase of life: blaming all your actions on pregnancy hormones!

Your new superpower: making two heartbeats with just one heart. Use it wisely!

Here’s to hoping your baby inherits your sense of humor. If not, at least you’ve got another audience for your bad jokes!

Congrats! Now you have a valid excuse to eat for two, sleep all day, and forget things.

Welcome to the beautiful world of things you can’t see past your belly!

May your stretch marks come in the form of tiger stripes, so you can proudly say you’ve earned your stripes!

Wishing you nine months of feet up, snacks in hand, and remote control privileges!

Hope you’re ready for a world where your bladder becomes a squeeze toy!

Cheers to you! While everyone else is deciding whether to have another glass of wine, you’re deciding whether to have another ice cream!

Congratulations on the little human growing inside you – and the big appetite growing along with it!

In a few months, you’ll meet the little person who’s been stealing all your snacks.

You’re about to have a chubby cherub who will decide your sleep schedule. Good luck!

Here’s to sleepless nights, baby kicks, and even bigger love!

Say goodbye to morning coffee and hello to morning sickness. Isn’t pregnancy magical?

May your new baby bring you as much joy as your discovery of elastic waistbands!

Here’s to the cutest nine-month roller coaster ride with weird food stops!

Congrats on the upcoming arrival of your mini-me! But just for now, enjoy the monopoly of being the only drama queen in the house!

Sending you love and warm wishes for your pregnancy. Mark all your territory in your house before the little one colonizes everything.

Congratulations! From now on, get as much sleep as you can because you won’t be able to for at least two years after the birth of your child.

Your pregnancy will be a celebration for your family, a disaster for your career, and a calamity for your husband. Good luck and congratulations.

Being pregnant means that you can put your feet up and watch TV while your husband does the dishes. Congratulations enjoy every moment of it.

You should be congratulated on your pregnancy. Take pleasure in the fact that your spouse will pay attention to you no matter how quietly you speak.

Funny Pregnancy Congratulations Messages

Pregnancy – the roller coaster ride which has no seat belts. Congratulations.

You’re officially creating a tiny human inside you. How’s that for a DIY project? Congratulations!

Congrats! Remember when you were wondering when you’d get your “pregnancy glow”? It’s probably hiding behind that “pregnancy exhaustion”.

Congratulations! Here’s to the next nine months of your body being a 24/7 baby-making factory!

Welcome to the world of “Is that a baby bump or did I just eat too much pizza?” Congrats on your pregnancy!

Pregnancy: The only time in life when you’ll congratulate someone for expanding at an exponential rate. Cheers!

Heard you’re expecting! Now you can officially blame your weight gain on the baby. Congratulations!

Congrats on your growing family… and your growing belly!

Remember the days when you feared monsters under your bed? Now there’s one in your belly! Congratulations!

Hey there, Mom-to-be! Ready for your baby to play your ribs like a xylophone? Congrats!

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Congratulations! May the next few months be the perfect excuse for you to indulge in all the food and naps you desire.

Heard you’re eating for two now. Twice the food, twice the fun! Congratulations!

Congrats! Soon, you’ll be manufacturing a human while still trying to function like one.

Welcome to the club where random strangers touch your belly and give unsolicited advice. Congrats on your pregnancy!

So, you decided to give up wine for swollen ankles and morning sickness. Cheers to your bravery! Congratulations!

You’re pregnant! Get ready for unsolicited belly touches, bizarre cravings, and all the unforgettable moments in between. Congrats!

Congratulations on your tiny human in the making! Just a few months until you meet your sleep thief.

Guess what’s growing faster than your baby bump? Your love for the little one! (And maybe your appetite). Congratulations!

Congratulations! Enjoy the world of craving pickles at midnight and crying over sappy commercials.

I’m thrilled you’re pregnant! Now, when we hang out, I won’t be the only one with food stains on my shirt. Congrats!

Hey! Pregnancy looks good on you. (Except when you’re throwing up. But we won’t talk about that.) Congratulations!

Congratulations to you on being pregnant! Good luck to your husband for preparing to handle all your mood swings.

Congratulations for getting pregnant. Enjoy the luxury of getting your husband’s attention every time you make even a small sound – whether it is a painful moan or a smelly fart.

Funny Pregnancy Quotes for Wife

My love, consider me your personal assistant for the next 9 months and make the most of it!

Love, you might be the one tolerating the kicks on your tummy, but I am with you in spirit!

Congratulations. Now you will have something to blame your weight gain on.

Honey, if pregnancy were a movie, you’d definitely be the star! (And I’d probably be the clumsy sidekick.)

Sweetheart, we’re about to add a new member to our team, and you’re the captain! But remember, I’m here for all the snack runs.

Loving you was the first miracle, and now you’re crafting a second one. But, please, less kicking at 3 AM?

If pregnancy cravings were an Olympic sport, you’d bring home the gold for us, my love!

Darling, between your pregnancy glow and those mood swings, I never know if I should approach with chocolates or a shield!

Watching your baby bump grow is like waiting for my favorite series’ next season. Exciting, a little scary, and I can’t wait!

Honey, while you’re growing our baby, I promise to grow my skills in foot massage and midnight snack preparation.

My love, you’re turning into a baby-making factory, and I’m just the quality inspector. Everything looks perfect so far!

Sweetheart, you’ve always been one in a million. Now, with that little one inside, you’re technically two in a million!

If baby kicks were Morse code, our little one would probably be telling me to get you more ice cream.

Babe, you’re becoming rounder and I find it adorable. It’s like living with my favorite stuffed toy!

To my pregnant wife: We make such a great team. You create the miracles, and I fetch the pickles and ice cream.

Love, you said you wanted a new adventure, but a little roommate in your belly for nine months? That’s next level!

Watching your belly grow is the most adorable live performance I’ve ever witnessed. Encore, please!

Honey, I always knew you were good at multitasking, but creating another human while dealing with me? Pure talent!

For someone who’s eating for two, you’re looking fabulous! Although, I might be eating for three with all these cravings you send me on.

My love, you’re radiating with that pregnancy glow… or is that just the aftermath of the hot flashes?

Hey beautiful, I just realized you’re like a superhero. Supermom in the day, snack monster by night!

To the woman of my dreams: Let’s make a pact. You handle the baby bump; I’ll handle everything that’s bumpy in our Netflix queue.

My dear, every day you’re pregnant is another day I cherish being the less emotional one in our relationship. Kidding! You’re glowing, and I’m so proud.

Funny Pregnancy Quotes for Friend

To the future grumpy mom, the angel inside you is lucky indeed! Best wishes to you!

Sweetie, you will totally be the coolest and scariest mom ever! So happy for you!

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My friend, now you get to live like the queen of the house and order around! Congratulations!

Friend, if pregnancy were a theme park, you’d be riding the roller coaster while we’d all be stuck on the teacup ride. Hang on!

Hey there! Congratulations on joining the “Eat, Sleep, Pee, Repeat” club.

You’re about to discover if pregnancy brain is real or just an excuse to forget things. Spoiler: It’s real!

Cheers to nine months of sober fun, waddling, and unstoppable food cravings! You’ve got this, girlfriend!

Is that a glow I see, or did you just eat a tub of ice cream? Either way, you look fabulous!

Babies are a lot like tattoos: They hurt to get, they’re permanent, and while some regret them, most end up proudly showing them off!

You’ve always been my partner in crime. Now, you’ll have a new little accomplice. Best wishes!

From wine nights to baby lullabies. Cheers to the exciting upgrade in our girl nights!

Our late-night parties might soon be replaced with late-night feedings. Can’t wait to join you on this new kind of wild ride!

Friend, who knew the road to creating a mini-human would involve so many bathroom trips? Rock on, mama-to-be!

It’s funny how the smallest things – like baby shoes – can change our lives in big ways. Congrats, sweet friend!

Ready to give up caffeine, alcohol, and sushi for baby kicks, heartburn, and endless love? You’re in for a ride!

Congratulations on becoming a full-time royal. You get to sit on your throne (the couch) and have subjects (us) at your beck and call!

Brace yourself; your home is about to be filled with more drama than a reality TV show, and it’ll star your baby!

Hey there! Pregnancy looks good on you. But, fair warning, diapers and sleepless nights are the new trendsetters.

It’s your time to shine, or rather, expand! Can’t wait to meet the little one who’s getting VIP treatment in there.

From swapping gossip to swapping baby tips – our friendship is hitting a new, exciting chapter!

The next time we have a sleepover, it might be interrupted by a tiny human’s cries. And it’ll be wonderful!

Your baby is about to have the coolest mom gang to look up to – starting with you, of course!

Pregnancy means nine months of cheat days. Enjoy every craving and every moment!

All your life you were learning how to be a good human being. Pregnancy will teach you how to be a good mother. Congratulations.

Pregnancy – the nine months that will wipe off your savings and ruin your bank balance. Congratulations on taking the first step towards financial downfall.

Cheers to you for retiring from the “children” era and entering the “parents” era. You are old, my friend! But Congratulations!

Having babies won’t change your schedule at all, before you used to stay up all night watching movies and now you will stay up all night changing diapers.

Funny Pregnancy Quotes for Colleague

Congratulations on getting rid of boring office work for the next few months! Best wishes!

Catch up on all the sleep you have been deprived of! Have a safe pregnancy ahead!

Hey colleague, while you’re on maternity leave, can I have your coffee since you won’t be needing it?

Congrats on trading the office chair for a rocking chair! Enjoy every minute!

Farewell to pencil skirts and hello to maternity jeans! Best wishes on your newest project.

Here’s to hoping your baby inherits your punctuality and not the habit of arriving late like our meetings!

You might be missing the office gossip, but trust me, baby kicks and cravings are way more entertaining!

Looks like you’ve got a joint venture on the way! Can’t wait to meet your newest team member.

Your baby’s first word will probably be “deadline” given how often we use it around here!

You’re about to swap your desk for a diaper changing table. But hey, at least no more Monday morning meetings!

Office tip: Maternity leave is the only project where you can take your time and no one will complain about the delay.

We always knew you were great at multitasking, but growing a human while managing office tasks? You’re on a whole new level!

Goodbye, office attire. Hello, fluffy slippers and pajamas! Enjoy your well-deserved break.

We’re going to miss your radiant glow in the office… and by glow, I mean the glare from your computer screen reflecting off your face.

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While you’re gone, promise us you won’t miss the copier jams and endless emails too much!

You’ve handled office chaos like a pro. Now get ready for baby chaos! Wishing you the best.

Congratulations! While you’re attending to your baby’s needs, remember not to answer them with “I’ll send you an email.”

Wishing you a maternity leave filled with less drama than a day in the office!

From boardroom presentations to baby bedtime stories. Can’t wait to hear all about your new adventures!

Congratulations on your upcoming maternity leave! Enjoy the time off from the office politics and coffee machine chats.

Don’t worry, we’ll keep your desk warm. But, between us, we’re all secretly jealous of your upcoming months of pajamas and baby snuggles!

Funny Pregnancy Wishes for Sister

Congratulations on your pregnancy, sister! Please don’t call me crying on your sleepless nights!

Cheers to the upcoming crazy, fun, painful and exciting pregnancy days ahead! Good luck, sis!

Hey sis, congratulations on being officially allowed to blame your farts on the baby!

With your cravings, our family dinners are about to get a lot more interesting! Congrats on your pregnancy!

Welcome to the “Glowing and Growing” club. Remember, it’s also the “No More Wine” club for a while!

Sister, are you sure it’s not just a food baby after all those family feasts?

Who needs an alarm when you’ll have your little human alarm very soon? Best wishes on your upcoming sleep training!

I always knew you’d get into shape one day. I just didn’t expect it to be a round one! Congrats, sis!

Congrats on the pregnancy! You’ll now have someone else to blame when you steal my clothes.

Remember all those times you told me I was annoying? Karma is on its way, in the form of a mini-you!

Pregnancy means no more heels. But hey, you’ll be taller from the bump alone! Best wishes.

We’ve shared many things as sisters. I’m glad morning sickness isn’t one of them! Best of luck!

You always wanted a bigger wardrobe. Well, now you have a legit reason! Happy shopping and congratulations!

Welcome to the world of eating for two and getting advice from everyone you meet! Hang in there.

Congrats on getting a front-row seat to the miracle of life, and a backstage pass to the less glamorous parts!

From sharing toys to sharing baby tips. Our sisterhood is entering a new chapter, and I couldn’t be more excited for you!

Now you’ll have a baby who might beat my record of keeping you awake at night. Best wishes, sis!

Your pregnancy means my title as the ‘favorite sibling’ is under threat. But, congrats anyway!

With your genes, that baby is in for a wild ride. Congrats on adding another mischievous member to the family!

Remember when we used to play house? Well, now it’s for real! Congrats on leveling up.

Brace yourself! Pregnancy brain is real. But hey, now you have an excuse for forgetting my birthday.

Between your pregnancy glow and my charm, we’re the coolest sisters ever! Congratulations on your growing bump!

Funny Pregnancy Quotes

Pregnancy is when you are officially allowed to swear and curse at your husband and blame it all on hormones. Make the most of it.

If the baby can hear everything inside the belly then I am pretty sure his first word is going to be F*ck. Congratulations.

Nine months of pregnancy is God’s way of telling a woman that she can officially enslave her husband. Congratulations.

You will gain weight, you will have mood swings, none of your clothes will fit and people will mistake you for being fat – welcome to the unglamorous world of pregnancy.

By getting pregnant you have sacrificed parties, shopping sprees, and weekend outings for breastfeeding, changing nappies and doing extra laundry. Congratulations.

The only time you will feel blessed when someone kicks you is when your baby kicks inside your tummy during your pregnancy. Congratulations on getting pregnant.

You will go through a lot of changes in the coming nine months of your pregnancy. You will become crazier, weirder and creepier. Congratulations.

Pregnancy is a great balance in life – it brings out the worst mood swings in a wife and the best levels of tolerance in a husband. Congratulations on getting pregnant and finding your balance.