200+ Romantic New Year Wishes for Boyfriend

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Happy New Year Wishes for Boyfriend: It’s always great to wish your guy a happy new year with a few sentimental and sappy phrases. What could be more ideal if you’re seeking for New Year’s wishes for your lover than these lovely and enchanting messages?

Here, we provide you some suggestions for how to express your love to your lover through wishes and texts. When the clock strikes midnight, you can text or mail him these happy new year texts.

You can send these new year messages to him through card or text when the clock ticks at midnight. If you’re thinking about how to wish him for the upcoming year, please scroll down and choose the one you like.

New Year Wishes for Boyfriend

I wish my sweet lover a happy new year. May God grant you success and fortune in the coming year!

I make a pledge to stay by your side no matter what happens in the coming year. Happy new year!

Love, happy new year! I hope the coming year is full with love, joy, laughter, and health.

Welcome to a new year! I appreciate you providing me such a wonderful and amazing year that I will never forget.

My dear, happy new year! The best thing that has ever happened to me is you. And the finest thing I’m bringing into the new year is you.

May your life be blessed with the same joy and pleasure that you have brought into mine. I love you. Happy new year!

To be with you, to love you endlessly, and to always have your heart. That is my New Year’s resolution. Merry Christmas, sweetheart.

We’re bidding a final happy year of our lives farewell. However, the memories we created will always be with us. Enjoy the new year!

I just have one desire for the new year, and that is for you! Since you deserve nothing less than complete happiness, I will do everything in my power to make you smile and be the happiest person ever. Happy new year!

Happy New Year, PUT NAME>, my love! The Lord gave us each other as a gift. I’m very appreciative beyond words. May we prosper and be healthy this year. I love you.

My entire life changed once I met you. And my New Year’s resolution is to spend the rest of my life holding your hand. Thanks a lot for being the love of my life. This new year, all I have to offer you is love. Happy New Year!

When two hearts are close to one another, distance becomes meaningless. I pledge to be yours forever in the coming year so that we never have to be apart.

Years will pass, but my love for you will never change. As long as tomorrow exists, it will continue to grow. Happy new year!

As special as you are to me, I want to make this new year even more memorable for you. You have my undying affection, and I will always feel this way. Love you in the new year, man!

Let’s rejoice in another year of caring, compassion, and love for one another. May our relationship get better every year.

We are still together even though another year has come to a close. I’m grateful that you never left my side or let me go. a happy new year!

We toast to a new year that is full of love and community for us. All I want is to spend the rest of my life with you. Happy New Year! I cherish you.

My Sweet, I ask that you receive all of life’s blessings, including love, pleasure, and joy. I adore you. Happy new year!

You were the largest dream I had to realize out of all the others. I’m content with you being a part of my life right now. Happy new year!

Without you, I could never envision a year. I appreciate your presence in my life. This new year, I have nothing but love to give you.  Happy new year!

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My heart bursts with happiness and pleasure when I think about you. Every year, my love for you grows deeper. There won’t be an exception in the new year. Happy new year!

I have never known a person who is so pure and loyal. You have proved that true love does exist. Happy new year to the world’s most amazing boyfriend 😍

New year to me is all about finding new ways and new reasons to love you. And I never get tired of doing that. Happy new year!

The most wonderful sensation I have ever experienced is aging with you. Even though we have shared so many wonderful years together, there are still many more to come! New Year’s greetings!

You give me the strength to face all of life’s difficulties. The light of my life is you. You are all I could possibly want. You made my life more complete than I can express. I’ll continue to love you till I die. Happy New Year, my love!

Happy New Year My Love

I fervently hope that all of your wishes come true in the coming year! Happy New Year, sweetheart.

It makes me pleased to start the year with the world’s most attractive man. Happy new year, sweetheart.

Let’s make this next year as remarkable as you are to me. Happy New year, darling 😘

The best memories I have of my life are all the times I spent with you. A happy new year to you, my darling!

My sweetheart, I’ve always wished to meet someone as wonderful as you. A very Happy New Year to you, my love.

I appreciate you embracing who I am and bringing out the best in me. Love, happy new year!

When I’m around you, I can feel a million emotions without uttering a word. Love, happy new year!

I will always remember the wonderful memories we made this year. Happy new year love!

I’ve had a lovely year traveling with you, and I’m looking forward to continuing this adventure for the rest of my life. Love, happy new year. I hope you have a wonderful new year.

Since the moment I met you, you have been the best boyfriend. I’ll do everything I can to be the best girlfriend I can be for you this year. Happy New Year, sweetheart!

I send you my best wishes for a happy, prosperous, healthy, hopeful, loving, and joyful new year. New Year’s Eve, baby!

It’s time to finish the lovely chapter of our love story. May this love endure forever and become stronger with each passing year!

No one will ever be able to fill your gap in my life. Our love is safely preserved in my heart. Happy New Year, babe!

Happy New Year, sweetheart. In the coming year, I pray that you experience happiness at every turn.

Happy New Year to my true love, who is also my joy and the light in my gloom. Wish you were with me right now! Love, happy new year.

I hope you accomplish all of your objectives this year and develop into a better version of yourself. God bless you, please. Love, happy new year.

You have made me realize with your love that life indeed is wonderful; I’m forever grateful to you for everything. Hope we share our love like this forever. Happy New Year.

Romantic New Year Wishes for Boyfriend

To make you happy, I will stop at nothing. I adore you completely, and I’ll never let go of you. Happy new year!

I’m hoping that no matter what this year throws at us, we’ll always have each other’s backs. We can overcome any difficulty. Happy New Year from me and my heart!

Only you, lover boy, are able to elicit the same emotions in me. I’m excited to be yours for the next 365 days! Happy new year!

God has connected our paths, and you and I shall do every effort to ensure that our love endures forever. For both of us, this year will be incredibly lovely and joyful.

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You deserve to reach the pinnacle of success, may the year ahead provides you with prosperity! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Babe! You truly are sunshine in human form, which makes my gloomy days sunny and cheerful!

God has been too kind to send someone like you into my life. I want to make sure that this gift of god stays with me forever. Happy new year!

I wish to make you happy just like the way you made me happy by coming into my life. I wish to celebrate many more new years with you for the rest of my life.

Happy New Year to the person who has worked hard to help me be my best while accepting me for who I am. I appreciate your inspiration. Not just in this New Year, but in all the years to come, you will always be my love.

Not only are you my boyfriend, but you are also my closest friend. It has been the greatest thrill of my life to find you. As much happiness in the coming year as you bring me.

Happy New Year! Since my biggest desire came true the year I met you and fell in love with you, I hope all of your dreams come true this year as well.

Because I am happy when you are happy, if I had to pick between my happiness and yours, I would choose yours. Love, happy new year.

We’ve faced a lot in the last year, but we’ve managed to stay together. I hope this year we’ll live together with less worry. Happy New year!

A very special new year’s wish for the best boyfriend ever. I wish this new year; we have more fun than the last one. Love you so much.

I guess you have figured out what my new year’s wish is. Holding your hand for the rest of my life is something I long to do. Happy New Year, Darling!

In a very short period of time, you integrated yourself into my daily life, and words cannot adequately express my love for you. Thank you for making everything ok in the new year and happy new year.

I just want to kiss you more passionately as the clock strikes midnight tonight so that my year comes to a fantastic close and the new ones begin even better! Happy New Year!

If I could live a thousand years on this earth, I’d choose to live with you all of it. Your love means everything to me now. Happy new year!

I am looking forward to spending many more romantic moments with you throughout the next year. Thank you for blessing my life with your presence. Happy new year!

I want to spend the new year just like the last year. It was so full of love and compassion. I hope the new year will be nothing less than that.

I feel lucky that I have a gem like you in my life. You make everything easier and simpler. Thank you for being such amazing support. Happy New Year.

You have no clue how much impact you have in my life. Thanks for choosing me over and over again. Happy New Year, honey. I love you.

This upcoming year I wish to God that he may help you with everything and bless you throughout the year. Happy New Year, Sweetheart.

You fill up my senses and makes me want to love you 10x more than ever. Happy New Year; I love you to the moon and back.

A new year brings new obstacles, but I have complete faith that you can overcome everything with your compassionate heart. Happy New Year!

We were very fortunate to meet each other throughout this lifetime, in my opinion. I am unable to imagine my existence without you here. Happy new year and thanks for being here forever and always.

I always give thanks to God for bringing you into the world and for bringing your love into my life. I’ll do whatever to remain your girl forever since I find it impossible to imagine my life without you. I adore you. Happy New Year, and keep smiling!

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New Year Wishes for Boyfriend in Long Distance

No matter how far we are from each other, I always wish the best for you. Happy new year!

Every day, your love gives me strength. I want to embrace you in my arms. Happy new year, sweetie.

I wish you a wonderful and enjoyable evening even if I won’t be able to join you in person due to the distance. Happy new year!

Even though you may be far away from me, nothing in my heart can stop me from loving you. Love, happy new year. Waiting eagerly to see you soon.

That we won’t be spending New Year’s Eve together is so upsetting! But I do wish you a joyous new year brimming with love and success.

Being unable to spend New Year’s Eve with you, my darling, breaks my heart. You deserve the best, so I wish you nothing but happiness. Love, happy new year.

All my warm wishes to you in the new year, my love. I’m looking forward to meeting you soon. May this new year bring love and happiness into our lives.

Let’s welcome another year full of love, caring, and compassion for each other. We’ll make a lot of new memories in the new year!

There is very little I can ask from God this New Year as He was kind enough to have sent me the best possible gift already – You!

Keep the smile, leave the tear. Hold the laugh, leave the pain. Think of joy, forget the fear. Be joyous, because it’s a new year!

If two hearts are in love with one another, distance never separates them. I always want the best for you, no matter how far away you are from me. Love, happy new year. Cheers to the new year!

I’ll be there for you always, even if we’re separated. I’m sorry I won’t be with you on New Year’s Eve. Whenever I miss you, I’m glad because of our memories. New Year’s greetings!

I wish that I could hug you so tight right now. All these lights and new year parties, and everything seems dull without you. Happy new year, my dear. I cannot wait to meet you.

Funny New Year Messages for Boyfriend

Hope you are not looking to make new starts to the old New Year habits. Love you tons.

This New Year, I wish you overcome all the obstacles and Have an awesome new year, my lifeline.

Happy New Year, Dear! Another year of dating the most perfect guy in the world! You should feel lucky, my love!

May this New Year bring you opportunities to go crazy, love. Happy New Year. Let’s drink till we pass out.

May this new year your resolution be to buy me more gifts and hold my shopping bags. Happy new year, sweetie!

May all your healthy life habits get stored in your mindset and bring you perfect results. Happy New Year, love.

Hope all your troubles last as long as your will to fulfill your New Year’s resolution. Happy New Year and happy days, darling.

Kinda excited about ruining your next year also. By the way, Happy New Year, my love!

I will try to be more understanding, less critical, more thoughtful, and less annoying this year. Enjoy the brand new year!

Wishing you everything new on this new year except the girlfriend. You can’t change it for the rest of your life. Happy new year!

May you be able to make more money this year than the previous, so that I may spend more of it on shopping. Happy New Year, love!

May this New Year bring some actual change in you, not the recurrence of old habits in a new package. I promise I will try to be more understanding and less annoying this year. Happy New Year!