200+ Sweet Good Night Messages for Crush

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It’s never easy to let our crush know about our feelings. We always tend to keep our cards close to the chest and wait for the right moment.

Staying up late, chatting with your crush can bring one of those ethereal feelings. And you’d want your last words to make a mark before your crush goes to sleep.

That is why we have curated some sweet and romantic good night messages for crush. These messages will surely make them blush and give them butterflies before they rest their eyes.

Sweet Good Night Message for Crush

Good night to someone who makes my days brighter. Your smile is the star that guides me in my dreams.

Wishing you a night filled with the same joy and brightness you bring into my life. Sweet dreams!

As you drift off to sleep, remember that you’re the reason someone smiles at their phone before they sleep. Good night!

May your dreams be as kind and sweet as your presence has been in my life. Have a lovely night.

Tonight, as you close your eyes, remember there’s someone who thinks you’re a beautiful dream come true. Good night!

Sleep well, for each star in the sky is a wish for your happiness. You’re always in my thoughts.

As the moon lights up the night sky, my thoughts of you brighten my world. Wishing you a peaceful night’s sleep.

May your sleep be as peaceful and sweet as the joy you’ve brought into my life. Good night!

Sending you a good night wish wrapped in warmth and affection. May your dreams be as wonderful as you.

Good night! In my dreams, we’re together, laughing and sharing moments. You’re always the best part of my day.

Dream sweetly, sleep peacefully, and wake up happily. You deserve all the joy that comes your way.

May your dreams be gentle, your sleep restful, and your night filled with tranquility. Good night, sweet dreamer.

Every night, I count the stars – each one a reason I’m grateful for you. Sleep well and know you’re cherished.

As the night falls, I find myself thinking of you and hoping your night is as magical as the moments we’ve shared.

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May your dreams be filled with the same happiness and laughter you bring into my life. Good night!

Sleep tight, for my heart keeps you close even when we’re apart. You are my sweetest dream come true.

Wishing you a night of serene dreams and a peaceful rest. You light up my world more than you know.

Good night to the one who makes my heart flutter. May your dreams be as beautiful as your smile.

Sending you a good night hug and the hope that tomorrow we’re one day closer to making our dreams reality.

As you lay down tonight, remember that someone out there thinks you’re the most amazing person in the world. Sweet dreams!

Good night to the cutest person in my life! You’ve introduced me to a feeling that I cannot yet express. I hope someday it will come true for you too.

I wish you a warm and delightful night of sleep! You keep my heart racing and there hasn’t been a day I didn’t dream about you. Can’t see you in person again.

I hope you have a good night’s sleep, dear adorable. It might sound a bit front but I wish for the night when we could be beside each other and dream of our future.

Flirty Good Night Message for Crush

I hope you sleep well tonight! I wish to come to your dream and let you know how I really feel.

To the most wonderful person in my life, may you sleep with happy memories of us tucked in your dream.

There’s nothing more beautiful than you in this world. I want to keep this beauty to myself only. Goodnight!

Goodnight to the one who makes my heart skip a beat. May your dreams be as sweet and charming as you are.

As you close your eyes, remember there’s someone who can’t stop thinking about you. Sweet dreams, beautiful.

Wishing I could be the pillow you embrace tonight. Sleep well, my dear crush.

May your dreams be as flirty and fun as our last conversation. Goodnight, gorgeous!

Dream of me tonight, as I will surely be dreaming of you. Sweet dreams to the one who has stolen my heart.

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Let the stars be your blanket and my thoughts be your pillow tonight. Goodnight, my lovely crush.

If dreams were wishes, I’d see you every time I close my eyes. Goodnight to the one I wish I could hold tight.

As the moonlight dims and the world goes quiet, know that you’re the bright spot in my night. Sleep tight!

May your dreams be filled with the same joy and laughter that you bring into my life. Goodnight, cutie.

Sending you a goodnight kiss and the hope of seeing you in my dreams. Sleep well!

Wishing you sweet dreams filled with moments as special as the ones we’ve shared. Goodnight, my charming crush.

Close your eyes and drift off to dreamland, knowing someone out there is crazy about you. Goodnight!

As you lay down, remember that someone is thinking of you and smiling before they sleep. Goodnight, my crush.

May you have the sweetest dreams tonight, and may I be in them. Goodnight to the one who’s always in my thoughts.

Sleep well, knowing you’re the last thought on my mind tonight and the first when I wake up. Sweet dreams!

Tonight, I’ll fall asleep with a smile, thinking of you. May your dreams be as flirtatious as our texts. Goodnight!

If I could, I’d be the cool night breeze caressing your face as you sleep. Goodnight, beautiful.

Here’s to dreams full of us laughing, talking, and maybe even a little flirting. Goodnight, my dear crush.

May the night wrap you in a blanket of love and the stars guide you to sweet dreams of us. Goodnight!

As the night falls, I wish I could fall asleep beside you. For now, I’ll settle for dreaming of you. Sweet dreams!

Funny Good Night Message for Crush

Wishing you a good night filled with dreams of me – your favorite subject, obviously. Sweet dreams!

Good night! If you wake up laughing, it’s probably because I’m starring in your dream. You’re welcome in advance.

Sending you warm and fuzzy goodnight wishes. If you dream about me, just know I’m more charming in dreamland.

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May your dreams be as sweet and funny as our awkward flirting. Good night, dream of me!

Good night! If you find your blankets warm tonight, it’s just the heat from my burning crush on you.

Sleep well and dream of me. Not in a creepy way, more like in a ‘wow, we’d be cute together’ way. Good night!

As you drift to sleep, remember, I’m the guy/girl who makes you giggle even in your dreams. Sweet dreams!

Good night to someone who’s the last thought on my mind before sleep and the reason for all my bizarre dreams.

May your dreams be less about stress and more about us doing something hilarious together. Sleep tight!

Wishing you a night of peaceful sleep and dreams full of our funniest moments. Good night!

Hope you have dreams as sweet as the pick-up lines I plan to use on you. Good night!

Sending you goodnight wishes and a gentle reminder that if we’re in each other’s dreams, we should probably go out. Sleep well!

Good night! If you dream of me, just know it’s my way of saying ‘Hi’ from afar.

May your night be as restful as I feel when I finally send a text you laugh at. Good night, sleep tight!

Good night! Here’s hoping your dreams of me are as funny and charming as I am in real life.

As the stars twinkle, may your dreams be filled with all the quirky moments we’ve yet to share. Sweet dreams!

Sleep well and remember, if you dream of a charming prince/princess, it’s probably me in disguise. Good night!

May your night be cozy, and your dreams full of the funny moments we’re bound to have. Good night, sleep with a smile!

You’re the moon in my universe that keeps shining and makes my world bright. Till we meet again, sleep tight, beautiful lady, and have wonderful dreams.

Before I met you, my nights were lonely and chilly. But now I have your thoughts to warmly embrace. Good night, my crush! Hope you can sense my passion for you.