How to Delete Bear411 Account – Cancel Permanently

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How to Delete Bear411 Account

Are you fed up using your Bear411 account, and as such you wish to cancel (close) or even deactivate your account?

If the above is the case then don’t bother because here is the right place where you can learn how to cancel (close) or even deactivate your account.

There are various reasons why you may wish to delete your Bear411 account among all of them is email spamming by the company.

Meanwhile, Bear411 is a Online Social Networking and Personals Website that lets its users to post profile on their website, add multiple pictures, search other members profile via country and see who is online and chat with members asking for day out in a event.

First A Little Bit About Company

Bear411 website was founded by Gregory aka BuddyBear and it is one of the best online dating website for gay community that can be accessed worldwide. According to website statement bear4111 currently has more than 1.7 million registered members in their database.

How To Delete Bear411 Account

Currently bear411 does not provide any function to delete your account but there are two tricks to delete your account which is given below:-

Automatically Delete Your Account

■  Sign out from device you login whether it is smartphone or laptop and wait for 90 days to delete your account .

■  Dont Login During this period to your account and after 90 days your account will be permanently deleted.

Delete Your Account By Adding Image

■  Go to the following url

■  Login to your account.

■  After login to your account click on button “Change Main Profile Picture” Button given at top right section.

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■  Now Upload the below mentioned image to permanently delete your account.

After upload this picture as your profile picture your account will be removed with-in 12 hours.

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