How to Recover Deleted Comments on Facebook

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Do you want to learn how to get back Facebook comments that were deleted? If so, this post has the solution to your issue.

Recover Facebook Comments

If you’re concerned about how to get back deleted Facebook comments that you placed on your profile, page, or any group, then I’ll show you how to do it. With this technique, you can not only find the deleted comments but also get them back. I also forwarded the article so that Facebook users might recover deleted postings.

Why are Comments Deleted on Facebook?

There are diverse reasons why Facebook comments are deleted. They include:

■  Facebook may delete comments that go against the community guidelines and standard

■  Abusive and offensive comments might get deleted by Facebook

■  The author of a post may also choose to delete the spam comment on a post they have published on Facebook

■  Comments left on other’s posts might also be deleted if it’s inappropriate

Therefore, Facebook as well as users on the platform can delete comments on a given post.

But then, there are instances where a user wants to delete a particular comment, or mistakenly deletes a resourceful comment. If you find yourself in that situation, how then do you restore the deleted comments on Facebook?

How to Recover Deleted Comments on Facebook

All you need to follow the steps below in order to recover the deleted Facebook comments.

■  Log in to your account and Tap “three horizontal lines” on your Facebook app.

■  Jump to the Account “Settings”

■  Navigate to the “Download your Information” option.

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■  Tap “Deselect all” and only tick the “Comments”. Then click “Create File” to download the comments data.

■  Wait until the file is ready to download. Once the file is created, you can download that file under the “Available copies” option. Open the file and find the comments that you deleted accidentally or deliberately.

How to Undo Deleted Comments on Facebook

To undo deleted comments on Facebook, follow the step below:

■  Log in to your Facebook account and click on the “three horizontal bar” on your Facebook app

■  Navigate to the account “Settings”

■  Proceed to the “Download your Information” section

■  Click on “Deselect all” and only select the “Comments”.

■  Go ahead to click on “Create File” to download your comment data

■  Exercise patience to have the file ready for download

■  Once the file has been successfully created, you can go ahead to download it under the “Available copies” option

■  Open the downloaded file to find the Facebook comment that you have mistakenly or deliberately deleted

Following these steps above, you can easily see and undelete a Facebook comment.

Can I Retrieve a deleted comment on Facebook?

Yes, you can retrieve a deleted comment on Facebook with the help of the above method. Make sure your Facebook account is active then the above trick will work for you.