Morning Routine to Lose Weight Faster

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Are you interested in learning the recommended morning and daily routine to lose weight faster? Do you wish to melt body fat, and boost your metabolism level? Do you want to achieve all these without drugs but purely following a healthy routine?

If your answer to the above questions is a Yes, then this article is specifically designed for you. This article contains seasoned tips and recommendations from nutritional experts in the field of body weight and loss.

Background To This Article

It is important that you know we are not just making the tips here up. We had an exclusive interview with Lisa Young, PhD, He is a celebrated and accomplished nutritionist and the proud author of “Finally Full, Finally Slim”. He is also a respected member of several medical and nutritional boards.

This article is centred around five of his best laid-down morning routine to lose weight faster. Over the years, Dr Lisa argues that patients who have adhered to this morning routine recorded tremendous success faster. So we join him to recommend that you add this routine to your closet and watch your dream happen.

1. Take a Clean Glass of Water

Do you know that one of the untapped secrets to losing body weight faster is water intact? Although quite a lot of people take water, however, knowing how and when to take water is the game changer.  Research suggests that the amount of water we drink a day is very material towards helping our weight loss journey. However, Dr Lisa argues that when and how you take the water has an overall effect on your metabolism level and weight loss dream.

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There was research conducted and released in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. The result of the research is that people who drink about 2 glasses of water before taking their breakfast were recorded to have dropped a significant amount of weight compared to others who did not.

This result confirms Dr Lisa’s point that the time you take your water really matters. She added further that it must be taken first thing in the morning when you wake up for a better and faster result. He further suggests that you can add either a fresh lemon or a mint to the glass of water if plain water is drab for you at that moment.

I will like to emphasise that having an unbreaking and solid routine is the deal breaker in helping you achieve your aim. So you will really need to put in the work and be committed. Your commitment will make a difference.

2. Adding Proteineous Food to your Breakfast

If you wish to lose weight, you must not avoid protein-packed food. Contrary to what some persons have been saying out there, Dr Lisa recommends that as part of your morning routine, you should endeavour to include proteinous food like eggs, yoghurt, or nut butter in your breakfast. She further argues that experience has shown that persons who practice this routine end up feeling fuller for a long time and have a more stabilized blood sugar.

Aside from what Dr Lisa has said, studies also suggest that eating more proteinous food in the morning can help you achieve your weight loss goal faster. This is because proteinous food will improve your body composition to maintain fat-free mass.

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3. Make sure to Eat Fruits in the Morning.

The importance of taking fruits cannot be overemphasized. This is because in your weight loss journey, adding fruit intake to your morning routine will be another big miracle. As you may already know, fruits are stellar food and they are full of antioxidants and fibre. The is is the exact combination you need to accelerate your weight loss journey. You will agree with me that fruits are just so yummy to take and I imagine that making it a daily routine will be seamless.

Not quite long ago, some nutritionists conducted a study that investigates the effect of taking fibre food on weight loss food plans. The study as published in the Annals of Internal Medicine that the following findings:

  1. Increasing your daily fibre intake to 30 grams can lower blood pressure.
  2. Adding more fibre to your food will help with weight loss.
  3. The best time to take fibre food for weight loss is in the morning during breakfast.

You see, the above findings are in line with the recommendations of Dr Lisa that you should make fruit intake a morning routine to help your weight loss journey.

4. Add Grain Intake to your Morning Routine

You may have been told that grains are full of carbs or that talking grains are not good for weight loss because they are high in carbs. Although grains are carbohydrate foods, Dr Lisa insists that not all carbs are bad, think again. She suggests that grains contain minerals, fibre and nutrients that are helpful for weight loss.

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She recommends that grains like oatmeal or whole wheat bread contain fibre and nutrients and help keep you full. So you should consider running to the grocery store to get some good grains for your weight loss dream.

5. Take A Walk or Go Jogging

According to Dr Lisa, the journey to weight loss involves two aspects and they are:

  1. Food intake
  2. Physical exercise

While the first 4 recommendations focused on what we take inside our body, the last one is about what how we burn the food we take through physical exercise. She suggests that whereas the kind of food we take accounts for 70 percent of our work to lose weight, physical exercise contributes 30 percent.

It is so exciting to make out time in the morning and exercise. It’s an amazing and smart habit if you want to lose weight and start your day with a clear head. So put on your shoes and head out for a brisk walk! Your mind and body will thank you. Finally, below is what Dr Lisa has to say:

Losing weight by walking is a great addition to a healthy diet,” says Young.”Walking burns calories, keeps your bones strong and is good for your mood.”

Conclusion on Morning Routine to Lose Weight Faster

This article was developed to help drop extra pounds faster with the recommendations of seasoned nutritionists and expert weight loss dieticians.  The article contains a five-morning routine to lose weight faster. I sincerely believe that if you follow this article, you will achieve your goal more quickly.

Finally, if you have further questions on this article, kindly use the comment box below to let us know your thoughts on this article.

Thank you.