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Myspace Sign Up: Myspace is an social networking site that lets its register to create profiles, blog, group, video, music and photo and share it between friends or in public.

Myspace website was founded by Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson and it is one of the best social media website in all over the world. The company has generated the revenue of upto 109 million dollar in 2011 alone and currently it has 200 employee.

Our major aim of writing this article is to guide on the steps to sign up your profile on Myspace.

Myspace Sign Up

You can create a Myspace account in few minutes. Here we go.

■ Visit the website:

■ Click on Sign Up. This is located to the left of the website.

■ You will be given options for sign up: Facebook, Twitter or Email. We will use Email for this tutorial.

■ Click on the envelope-like sign. This is for email sign up.

■ Fill in the form provided.

■ When you are done, click on “Create account”.

■ Congratulations, your account is created.

How Does Myspace Work?

It is very simple.

■ You join MySpace and create a profile.

■ Choose your Myspace roles. You’ll see a set of possible roles you may identify with, like “fan,” or “DJ/Producer” or “musician.”Check the ones that apply to you and then click “continue.”

■ Create your profile. You can add your photo, a cover photo, write a description or “about me” blurb, and have the opportunity to add both audio and video. Your privacy option is here, too. Your profile is public by default. You can take it private by clicking “restricted profile.”

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■ Connect to others. Next, Myspace will invite you to click on “Stream”, where you can connect to people and artists.

How To Download Myspace For Your Device

■ Locate the App Store on your device.

■ Tap on the search bar (the field located at the top) and type in “Myspace.”

■ Click on the appropriate app, as shown above. Click the green “Free” button to continue.

Navigational Icons on Myspace for iPhone

When you first sign in to the app, you will notice nine distinct icons from which you can navigate through the MySpace app on your iPhone or iPod Touch. These icons include:

■ Stream: From this icon, you can view the latest updates from your contacts and more.

■ SuperPost: Post an update to your Myspace profile, share photos and even update Facebook and Twitter all this single feature.

■ Friends: Here is where you will find all your favorite social networking contacts in one place.

■ Requests: Anytime someone tries to add you to their friends’ list, you will receive an alert here. You can then choose to approve their request or block them from adding you.

■ Profile: View your account information, latest posts, photos and more.

■ Mail: Send and receive messages with friends from Myspace here.

■ More Apps: Check out additional recommended apps and more.

■ Notifications: Whether you receive a new comment, photo tag or more, you can find how friends interact with your Myspace content here.

■ Chat: Engage with friends using Myspace chat by sending and receiving instant messages with online contacts.

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How To Watch/Download Videos

Myspace allows you to watch all videos online in the same manner as YouTube. There is no provision to download for offline uses. However, you can copy the video link and paste in external video downloader apps and sites like this allows you safe offline.

Myspace Subscription

Myspace has no subscription plans. All you do is FREE. You just need to create your account with them and you enjoy all benefits.

Did you find this Myspace Account Registration – Sign Up helpful? Have you been using Myspace before now? Share your experience with us below. Thank you.





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