How to Lock Facebook Profile on your Account

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In this article, we are going to show you the easy way to lock your Facebook profile on your Android or iOS and through the mobile website.

Facebook is a fantastic platform to interact with people virtually. The social media platform has ingrained itself into our daily lives since we frequently access all the information on our friends, family, and other loved ones there. This, however, also means that stalkers can use it as a medium. We’ve all experienced the circumstance when stalkers repeatedly search your page or intruders download your profile images to make phony accounts, among other things.

Therefore, the firm just unveiled a new security tool called Facebook Profile Lock in an effort to stop this. Users are given more control over their profiles thanks to the functionality. For individuals who want to entirely lock their profile from strangers or stalkers, the option is really helpful. This post will demonstrate how to lock your Facebook profile on an Android or iOS device as well as on the mobile website. Without further ado, let’s get started.

How to Lock Facebook Profile on Android and iPhone?

Facebook Android and iOS applications allow you to easy to lock your profile from stalkers. Here’s a step-by-step guide for locking Facebook profile:

■  Sign in to your account on your Facebook app.

■  Now, head to the “three horizontal lines” then tap on the “Settings” icon.

■  Scroll down and select “Profile Locking” under Audience and Visibility.

■  On the new screen, it will ask you if you want to lock your profile. Here, you need to tap on “Lock your profile”.

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■  Now, only your friends can see the posts, stories, and photos on your profile.

With this, your Facebook Profile is now locked. You can also choose to unlock it by going through the similar steps mentioned above.

How to Lock Facebook Profile on Website

You can also lock your profile by going to Facebook from your desktop browser. All you need to do is follow these steps:

■  Open any browser and Log In to

■  Now, go to your main profile page.

■  Here, click on the “three dots” icon and select “Lock profile”.

■  In the pop-up window, click “Lock your Profile”.

■  Your Facebook profile is successfully locked and only friends can see the photos and newsfeed of your Facebook account.

How to Unlock Your Facebook Profile?

Facebook also gives you an option to unlock your profile whenever you want. All you need to do this follow these steps:

■  Go to the Facebook application on your mobile or on your desktop browser.

■  Click on your Profile section and click on the three-dot menu.

■  There, you will find Unlock Profile option. Click on it, and you will see a pop-up message. Click on Unlock Profile.

What happens if you Lock Profile on Facebook

The profile lock feature is useful for all Facebook users. If you don’t want to share your posts and stories with strangers then this feature can help you to hide your Facebook activity from unknown Facebook users. People who are not your friends cannot see or download your profile picture and cover photos. They even can’t watch the newsfeed of your Facebook account.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens to profile pictures, cover photos and feature photos when the profile is locked?

Whenever a user locks his/her Facebook profile, only those who are in the friends will be able to tap on the pictures to view them. People who are not on the friends’ list will see a smaller version of the profile picture and cover photo. However, the current profile pictures and cover photos will be visible to everyone, though they cannot open them. Moreover, only friends will be able to tag, comment or like the profile or cover photo.

What happens to posts, photos, albums, and more once the Facebook profile is locked?

When the Facebook profile is locked, all the profile posts, photos, albums, and stories will be only visible to their friends. One can no longer make Public posts from their profile. The same goes for photos, albums, and stories.

What country has lock profile in Facebook?

As per the company, the the Facebook profile lock feature is available in select countries. The list include India, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Myanmar, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Turkey, UAE, and Ukraine.