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Kik Sign Up: Kik is a social media app that lets its registered user to share photos, videos, sketches, media content and messages to friend or other user. 

Kik was founded in 2009 by a small but passionate group of University of Waterloo students. At the time, chat between Blackberry (yes, Blackberry), Android and iPhone users wasn’t possible, so we wanted to break down barriers and build a company that would allow users to chat with whoever, whenever.

Our major aim of writing this article is to guide on the steps to sign up your profile on Kik, but before that let quickly show you the features of Kik account and the major reasons why we are addressed as the no 1 online social network in the world.

Features of Kik

Find your people:

Kik is your place to chat and message with all of your friends and to make new ones, no matter who you are or what device you’re using. Chat one-on-one, join a group with like-minded people, or start a group of your own and chat about what matters to you.

Talk about anything:

People around the world connect with Kik to make connections and explore their interests – its a place where you can be comfortable being yourself. With millions chatting and messaging every day, you’re certain to find your new favorite friends.

Be live:

Kik is more than just a messaging app and a chat app – it’s a place to see and be seen on Kik Live. Become a star or be a fan, there’s always something surprising on Kik Live.

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All in one place:

Kik is a chat app, a messaging app, a group chat app, a live streaming app, and a find-your-people app.

How to Sign Up Kik Account

■  Open the Kik application on your smartphone.

■  You will see the SIGNUP and LOGIN buttons. click on the Signup.

■  This will open the Sign Up form. Fill the form accordingly.

■  Type your First Name and Last Name in the respective text field.
 First name and Last name will be your display name. It can be changed any time you wish to.

■  Then, create your Username– If you see a red cross “X” it means the username has already been taken. So try to add some numbers or variations in a username. If you see a green checkmark, this means your username is available.

■  Now after you are done creating a Username, enter a valid email address in the Email text field.
– You should enter your valid email address because you have to verify the email, and the email is used to contact you.

How To Login To Your Kik Account?

■  Open Kik Messenger on your smart-phone.

■  If you have already Signed Up and have an account in Kik, then click on the Login option.

■  Now you will see the Login form, under Login.

■  Now enter your email address or your username of Kik in the text field of Email or Kik Username.

■  After that enter your Kik account password in the text field of Password.

■  Finally, click on the LOG IN. You will now get access to your Kik Account.

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How To Delete Kik Account

There are only one method to delete your account from their database which are given below :-

Deactivate Account By Company Website

■  Go to the following url

■  Now enter your email and click go

■  Now kik company will send you email on your email address

■  Click on link and follow the process to deactivate your account

How to deactivate a Kik account

You’ll need access to the email address that was originally used to create the Kik account. Here’s what to do:

1. Open the Kik account deactivation portal in a web browser. 

2. Enter the email address you used to set up the account.

3. Click Go!

4. Check your email. You’ll get a deactivation email; click the included link to temporarily deactivate your account. To reactivate it later, just sign back in using the Kik app. 

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