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Skype Sign Up: Skype is one of the most renowned communication-based top social media sites. It is known for making conference calls and instant messaging functionality, plus you can also use it to share videos, images, and audio files.

Skype was founded by Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis and it is one of the best social media application in all over the world. Currently the net worth of the application is around 9 billion dollars and it is available in 38 different language.

Our major aim of writing this article is to guide on the steps to sign up your profile on Skype, but before that let quickly show you the features of Skype account and the major reasons why we are addressed as the no 1 online social network in the world.

Features of Skype

• Talk face to face with a video call.
• New group video calls with up to 25 people.
• Free voice calls to anyone else on Skype. Add up to 25 people on a group call.
• Message your friends in an instant and add up to 300 people to a group chat.
• Call mobiles and landlines at low rates (Skype to Skype calls are always free).
• Share photos, video messages, your location and add emoticons and Mojis to your chat.
• Skype’s available on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Macs. Now it’s even easier to stay connected to friends and family – no matter the device they’re on.

Steps to Skype Sign Up

■ Log in to Skype website at

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■ To the far right, click “Sign in”. a drop-down menu will appear. You will see “My account”“Use Skype online” and “New to Skype? Sign Up”.

■ Click on the Sign Up located behind the New to Skype.

■ You can create a Skype account using either phone number or email. So, type in your Phone Number in the space provided.

■ Or, you can sign up with your Email address by clicking on the “Use your email” instead, and click “Next”.

■ A text field will open asking you to create a passwordEnter a strong password that you can always remember in the box provided. 

■ Click Next on the blue bar seen below the create password.

■ Enter your First and Last Name respectively in the box provided.

■ Click Next. Add your Country/Region in the space provided. click on the country or Region box and select your Country/Region, Skype usually does that using your Browser’s Location Information.

■ Enter your Date of Birth in the text box provided in the Day, Month and Year order.

■ Click Next and Enter the Code that Skype will send to your phone number or email address depending on the one you choose.

■ Click Next / I agree; when you click on this next it means that you agree  to the terms and conditions. You are done with creating the account.

Steps to Skype Login

■ Open Skype.

■ Tap on Skype name, email or phone.

■ Enter your Skype name, email or phone.

■ Click on Sign in.

■ Enter your password.

■ Click the arrow to continue.

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Steps to Recover Skype Account

■ Open Skype and go to Skype sign-in page.

■ Click on more sign-in options.

■ Click on forgot my username.

■ You’ll be asked to either enter a phone number or an alternate email associated with your Microsoft account.

■ A security code will be sent to the mobile number or email you used.

Steps to Join Skype Conversation From a link You received

■ Copy the link or code.

■ Click Meet Now.

■ Click Join a Meeting.

■ Paste the link or code into the Meeting link or code box.

■ Click Join. You will be added to your meeting/conversation.

Download Skype

■ Once your Account has been created. Select download Skype.

■ Select the file installation in your Device and follow the instructions that follows to install.

■ Type in your User Name (Skype Name) and Password, and click on Sign in, then Skype window will show up. Once you are done with this stage you are good to roll on  Skype . All you just need is to share you Skype Name to your friends,family anybody you know that is using Skype.

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