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Blooket Sign Up: Blooket is an Online Gaming and Learning Portal that lets its registered users to play educational games. The online website provides an option to create or edit account information, browse or create a blooket game, play the game with your classmates or friends and purchase books from the market using your earned tokens.

Blooket portal was founded by Tom & Ben Stewart in 2018, and currently, it is one best online portals to play educational games that can be accessed worldwide. According to the source, more than 14 million users are registered with the portal.

Our major aim of writing this article is to guide on the steps to sign up your profile on Blooket, but before that let quickly show you the features of Blooket account and the major reasons why we are addressed as the no 1 online social network in the world.

Features of Blooket Account

1. Motivate Students

Students are encouraged to participate in games with rewards for answering questions and exploring new methods of learning. Overcoming our challenges drives students to perform well while reviewing.

2. Teach Effortlessly

Question sets can be painlessly imported or created easily with our powerful Set Builder. You can also explore our incredible collection of sets built by other amazing users on the Discover page.

3. Customize Freely

Ditch the old, redundant classroom review game and try out our variety of unique, engaging game modes. Also, edit game settings with a variety of options to truly make Blooket the perfect tool for you.

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4. Twelve or More Different Game Modes

Blooket has a number of game modes that appeal to many learners, especially those that enjoy playing video games, and some of the game modes resemble some games that may be familiar to them (similar to Pokemon, for example). These game modes, in essence, “trick” learners into practicing the material that the teacher has created as they engage in games that resemble other types of games that they play for entertainment.

5. Create a Set

A Blooket free account allows users to create and edit unlimited sets after they log in at and click “create” on the top right. Users can add a title, description, and cover image for their set and choose “public” or “private” for the privacy setting to decide if other Blooket users can find and play their question set.

6. Add a Question

When adding questions, teachers enter text to create their question with an option to add a question image through an image gallery, uploading a file or a URL. When creating answers, users are required to add two (minimum) to four answers (maximum) and set up at least one correct answer.

7. Host a Game

After saving a set, users will automatically return to their Blooket Dashboard to see which ones can be played by clicking “Host” to launch a game and selecting a game mode from twelve types. Based on different features of different game modes, users normally can choose how long the game will last, solo or team mode, along with some other game options.

8. Play a Game

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After “Host Now” is clicked, a Blooket game link and code will be presented for participants to join. Each game is for up to 60 players to enter for the free account and up to 1000 players for a Blooket Plus account. In addition, depending on the game mode, there may be a minimum player number suggested (such as 2+, 3+, or 4+ for individual games and 12+ for team games).

9. Assign Homework

Currently there are five Blooket games (Tower Defense, Café, Factory, Crazy Kingdom, and Tower of Doom) that have an additional feature of “assign HW (homework)” when educators host them. They can choose to adjust the time period during which the game ID is valid as well as certain settings. This allows students to complete a game during their own time and try multiple times before the game/assignment due date.

Now that your have gone through the features of Blooket below are the steps to sign up on Blooket.

Step to Blooket Sign Up Account

■ Go to Click Sign Up in the top-right corner to begin the account creation process.

■ Choose your sign up method. Click on Sign Up with Email to create an account or Sign Up with Google to link your account to your Google account.

■ Fill out the boxes with the required information. This may include your email, username, and password.

  • Signing up with Google only requires entering a username, while signing up with email requires your email as well as a username and password.

■ Confirm your age. Make sure to check the box that you are over 13 (or at least 16 outside of the U.S.), confirming you are of age to use Blooket.

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■ Click Sign Up to create your account.

■ Select the type of account you’ll be signing up for. State whether you are a student or teacher when prompted. You can change this later in the settings.

Now you can go to your home page to acces your account.

Steps to Blooket Login Account

■ Visit our official website @

■ Enter your username or email address and password.

■ Click on login.

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